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TAKING the fear and mystery OUT of hiring a VA

Taking the fear and mystery out of hiring a VA

Feb 08, 2024

Remember when the pandemic hit and everything turned digital overnight? That's when I realized the power of having a VA by my side. Before this revelation, I took a course by a guru named Jen Lehner, which was a game-changer for me. It was the most money I'd ever spent on a class, but it was worth every penny. Within the first month of hiring my VA during the pandemic, my income tripled. We managed to pull off virtual parties and other online events that I couldn't have dreamt of managing on my own.

 Fast forward, and now, for Next Chapter Social, we have two incredible VAs, Jenny and Joanne. Their contribution has allowed us to implement processes and strategies seamlessly. It's like they've unlocked a new level of operational efficiency for us.

 Today, I’m going to share with you a bit about how hiring  and working with a virtual assistant has allowed us to scale and grow so much in just one year.. 


How We Utilize Our VAs

Jenny and Joanne are more than just assistants; they are the backbone of our daily operations. From managing social media to creating and editing content, their skill sets are vast and varied. For instance, Joanne, with her expertise, takes charge of our slide decks for online courses, ensuring that they're not only informative but also engaging and true to our brand's voice.



One of our most ambitious projects, a 26-page eBook, was brought to life thanks to the collaborative effort of our team, including our VAs. This eBook is a testament to how VAs can play a critical role in content creation, from conception to design to final output.



Why Consider a VA for Your Business


Unlock Efficiency and Productivity: A VA brings a wealth of knowledge and skills, managing a wide array of tasks from administrative duties to content creation. This allows you to focus on strategic growth areas, making your operations more efficient and freeing up your time for high-level planning and execution.



Scalability and Flexibility: Hiring a VA offers the adaptability your business needs to scale. They can handle increasing workloads and adjust to your business’s evolving requirements without the overhead of full-time staff, making them an invaluable asset for growth.



Streamlined Integration and Demystified Hiring Process: Resources like Jen Lehner's course demystify the hiring process, offering comprehensive guidance on finding, hiring, and working with a VA. 



In today’s fast-paced business environment, a VA is not just an option; it’s a strategic necessity. They offer more than just administrative support; they are partners in your journey towards achieving business excellence. By taking care of the operational aspects, they free you up to dream bigger, plan better, and achieve more.



Wrapping Up:

In conclusion, diving into the world of virtual assistance has been nothing short of transformative for us. The fear and mystery that once surrounded the idea of hiring a VA are gone, replaced by confidence in the incredible value they bring. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, consider bringing a VA onboard. Trust me, it's a decision you won't regret.

 For those who are curious about exploring this further, I highly recommend checking out our most recent forty-five minute e-class dedicated to sharing an overview of hiring and working with VAs. The $49 investment in learning about this aspect of business management can pay off manifold in the efficiency and growth of your business. If you want a deep dive, we HIGHLY recommend checking out Jen’s class. By the time you finish her class, you will have your unicorn VA(s)… just like we do.


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