AI without the learning curve...

Jasper is basically chat gpt, but a whole lot BETTER. Built-in templates make cranking out text simple, so skip the learning curve and start using Jasper to write your copy!


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Video Editing for Dummies

We use this tool DAILY. It took us about a day to learn to use it. You will fall in lurrv with using it like we have.




Edit Videos Like a Boss

DM Automation for Social Media

When someone tells you to comment with a certain word on their post and then you get a message with links...this is how they do that. We use it a LOT! It's like having an assistant.  


Automate Your DM's!

Generate the perfect hashtags in seconds.

Copy/paste caption, and it will generate the best hashtags for your post all on it's own. No research. No time. Super effective.  Added bonus: Research your competitors' hashtags, too!  

Use hashtags properly!

Website Platform for Coaches and E-Course Creators

This was a tough one to decide on for us, but we are so glad we did! This platform was designed JUST for us. It's makes uploading and promoting our coaching and classes so easy. Highly recommend.  

FREE 30 day trial!

Digital Business Card + Mini Sales Pages

We use this most when presenting to large crowds. We can design an one-off 'card' that acts as a landing page cusomized specifically for that crowd and our CTA. 


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Demystify hiring a Virtual Assistant. 

It taught me how to find, hire, train and pay a VA from the Philippines. With a VA, I was able to TRIPLE our business in one month.  We couldn't do it without our VA's. Take this class, you will not regret it.


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The easiest and prettiest email platform out there.

Before moving to Kajabi, we used Flodesk, and this was probably the hardest thing to give up since Kajabi has email management built in. If you are not using Kajabi for your website, we highly recommend Flodesk! 

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Instantly become a graphic artist.

Warning: professionalism and pride come as a side effect with this tool! If you listen to nothing else on this page, listen to this... Get the pro version and never look back. 


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Schedule all your social media content.

Plann not only serves as a dashboard for scheduling all your content accross multiple social media accounts, it's also a great source of inspiration and ideas for your feed!  

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Make Short Clips From Long Videos

Get social ready clips, cut & captioned by AI. Save 90% time and effort!



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