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Understanding and navigating the ins and outs of social media can be overwhelming. In fact, managing multiple accounts, creating and curating content, and setting up a consistent posting schedule can feel like a job in and of itself…and that’s before you’ve even started your ACTUAL job! 


The good news? We can help. We’ve taken our combined 30-plus years of professional experience and knowledge in marketing, business-building, teaching, and coaching and distilled it down to 4 profit-soaring solutions just for you. Each solution is designed to help simplify your social media marketing, boost your confidence, and give you the tools you need to achieve ALL THE THINGS!

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Feeling stuck on a particular topic? Schedule a one-on-one private tutoring session and go from 'Ah-Naw' to 'Ah-Ha!' in just one hour! This is a one-hour, skill-mastering cram session to help you get unstuck and expand your social media education.

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Your ultimate learning library for social media mastery. We produce top-notch, timely social media marketing classes that help entrepreneurs become better at marketing themselves online. Choose your class, and get started learning immediately.


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Sometimes the best move is just hiring out the things you can't make time to do, so let us take over your socials while you take care of the parts you are great at. We are a boutique marketing agency that specializes in custom content and unparalleled attention to the details that matter to you most!

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Get started with a simple social media planning guide, professionally designed for you, so you can DIY with confidence. Includes your nine-post content prompts, keyword hashtags, compelling hooks, custom correlative Canva templates, and customer-converting CTAs delivered straight to your inbox.

Our monthly membership saves you time and helps you build a consistent digital presence that connects with your audience and drives engagement. At $9 per month, you won't find a more value-packed deal!


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Brittany Colberg

"Brooklyn and Angelyn’s classes are hands down, the most informative and fun out there! Brooklyn is a gifted teacher that entertains the room while she gives practical takeaways to take your social media to the next level. Her stories are engaging and her audience is always captivated and walks away with more understanding and knowledge that will elevate their social media game."

Leandra Frey

"I have been learning so much from my membership Social Club. It provides accountability! how to use actual tools of Canva (and I seriously mean the nitty gritty), Reels and Stories. They make it fun and EASY to execute!"

Beth Noska

"Class Pass ROCKS! I learned so much that I didn't even know I didn't know about social media and marketing. I will grow my businesses this year from the advice and support from Next Chapter Social. You can't get this stuff anywhere else!."

Ashlee Erickson

"As a Marketing Consultant and Video Producer helping other businesses out with their media footprint and overall robust marketing strategies and campaigns... Next Chapter Social has been a huge asset to me in staying on top of it all in today's hyper-focused branded world. Next Chapter Social provides an educational package that not only teaches you the tricks of the trade, but also provides business owners, consultants, and decision makers a community of like-minded industry professionals as resources."

Nichelle Keithly

"Brooklyn and Angelyn are so amazing! They gave me so many different ideas about how to attack my social media platform. Social media is a necessity today in business, and they broke down the information so that even a novice, like myself, could follow along."

Meg Fittsgill

"I have loved being a member of Social Club for almost a year now!  I have learned so much from the online classes and the group discussions.  Also, I have loved being a part of a group of female entrepreneurs who are taking their businesses seriously and striving to improve their communication online through social media.  Social Club has made social media less overwhelming for me and has given me so many great ideas on how to spread my message."