Conquer the Online Overwhelm with one-on-one coaching. We want to help take the scary out of social media.


Working with us is like working with a friend who gives you take-action advice, holds your feet to the fire, and hypes you up like the superstar you are.


Our personalized coaching is designed to give you the complete confidence you need to take your social skills from newbie to groovy. 

Let's get started.

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Our customized 3-month proven coaching program includes:

  • Proprietary 7-step framework for social success designed specifically to increase your influence and raise your relevance within your industry.
  • 6 goal-centered, private one-to-one Zoom sessions designed to give you accountability and help you achieve actual, measurable results.
  • Authority-boosting action plans to help you grow your influence through meaningful online relationship-building and audience engagement.
  • The know-how and support you need to master ALL THINGS SOCIAL so you can start living your legacy – now. 

This FOR you if...

  • You have tried to get your social media strategy going but aren’t seeing results.

  • You have a strong brand identity but don’t know how to share it with your audience.

  • You are ready to dedicate time and energy to growing your brand presence. 

  • You want a customized social media marketing strategy plan that fits your business perfectly. 

  • You want individualized goal-driven coaching that holds you accountable and helps you grow your business.

  • You want to amplify your authority and influence.

  • You want ALL the confidence to run your socials successfully. 

This is NOT for you if...

  • You have all the followers you want on social media.

  • You know how to craft the perfect content to connect with your audience. 

  • You don’t have time to invest in growing your business presence online.

  • You are happy with generic marketing plans.

  • You don’t need accountability to reach your goals.

  • You’d rather let others ‘Be the expert.’

  • You don’t want to make a change.




Two Payment Options: