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Hey, that sounds like me! Let's Make ChatGPT Chat Just Like You

Hey, that sounds like me! Let's Make ChatGPT Sound Just Like You

Jan 03, 2024

Today, we're diving into the world of AI, specifically ChatGPT, and how you can train it to mirror your distinct voice and brand. Whether you're new to ChatGPT or looking to enhance your marketing skills, this is your guide to turning a generic robot into your clone in the written world.

What Exactly is ChatGPT?

Alright, let's chat about ChatGPT! It’s not just any tool; it's a game-changer in the AI world. Imagine a clever friend who can write almost anything – from witty tweets to heartfelt blogs. That's ChatGPT for you! It's like having a smart assistant who's always ready to jot down your thoughts, and guess what? This assistant won't cost you a fortune. It's totally free to start with, and there's this fancy $20 version if you're feeling a bit extra. This upgraded version comes with some snazzy features – think of it as giving your AI buddy a supercharged brain. But hey, whether you're pinching pennies or ready to splurge, I'm here to walk you through both options. Together, we'll unlock the full magic of ChatGPT, and the best part? You might not need to spend even a single dime to get some amazing results.


Why Should You Be Buddies with ChatGPT?

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Brooklyn, isn't ChatGPT just another emotionless robot?" That’s where the fun begins! ChatGPT has this incredible ability to adapt and learn. It’s the chameleon in the digital world. With the right nudge and direction, this AI can create content that sounds so human, so you, it’s almost eerie. How cool is that? 

But wait, there's more – 

…it's not just about sounding human. ChatGPT can tailor its responses to mirror your unique brand voice. Whether you're all about that professional vibe or love keeping things fun and casual, ChatGPT can match your style. 

And I’m going to show you exactly how to do that in three easy steps. 

All you are doing is teaching a new employee to speak your language, only faster and without the coffee breaks!


Step 1: Refined Prompts

The secret lies in refining your prompts. Be clear, specific, and provide context. For instance, transforming a vague prompt like "posts about a life coaching program" into "generate five Instagram captions, under 20 words, for a life coach focusing on morning routines," brings precise and relevant results.

Step 2: Customized Instructions

Customizing instructions gives ChatGPT a script. We sprung for the $20 pro chat got account because it allows us to manage multiple brands with ease. But even in the free version, you can achieve similar results by manually entering these instructions each time.

Step 3: Copy-Paste Method

Combine customized instructions with what we call the 'copy-paste' method. ChatGPT will analyze your existing content to understand your brand's voice and style. Take that analysis and use it as your customized instructions in lieu of determining your brand voice on your own.

Chat can literally do everything.

Let's Talk Real Results

To bring this to life, let's look at Katie, our realtor friend. She needed Instagram captions that resonate with young families in Argyle, Texas. We got specific with her audience, location, and goals. The result? Captions that not only sounded like Katie but also spoke directly to her ideal clients.

Let's wrap up with some golden nuggets of wisdom and a sneak peek into further learning adventures.

  1. The Magic of Specificity:

Here's the deal – the more specific your questions to ChatGPT, the more it feels like it's reading your mind. It's like cooking; the right ingredients lead to a delicious meal. 

So, when you ask ChatGPT for help, be as detailed as you'd be when ordering your dream coffee. Want five Instagram captions for a wellness retreat? Don't just ask for "caption ideas." Request "five captivating Instagram captions for a weekend wellness retreat targeting busy moms seeking relaxation." 

Notice the difference? It's all in the details!

  1. The Playground of Experimentation:

Think of ChatGPT as your personal sandbox. Build castles, dig holes, or make sand angels – the sky's the limit. Play around with different prompts, styles, and topics. Not thrilled with the first response? Tweak your request. Ask for a cheeky tone, a professional blurb, or a heartwarming story. Each adjustment brings you closer to mastering this tool.

  1. Understanding Your AI Partner:

ChatGPT is eager to learn about you. The more you interact, the better it understands your quirks, humor, and style. Think about how you can teach it to reflect your brand's personality. Are you all about motivation and empowerment? Or maybe you're the queen of witty one-liners? Share this with ChatGPT to make your interactions truly yours.

Want more? Check out our class "Hey, That Sounds like me!” Where we dive much deeper into the HOW behind training chat. Class is complete with a PDF worksheet, a brand voice guide that will send you your digital answers and lots of anecdotal information to help you better understand! 

Remember, every expert was once a beginner. Embrace the learning curve, have a blast with ChatGPT, and watch as your marketing transforms. You’ve got this, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


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