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How to Grow Your Audience Beyond Your Sphere of Influence

Feb 01, 2024

Let me tell you a little secret… one of the most underused but powerful tools for visibility is tagging others in your posts.


Why Tagging Feels Like Magic ✨

Imagine tagging on social media like pushing the button on someone’s ring doorbell. Every time you tag someone, they are notified, similar to when a person rings their doorbell. They are notified wherever they may be in the world. When you tag, it's more than just a “Hey, look at me!"—it's a friendly wave across the digital space to someone or another business that makes your post more lively and interactive.



Think of it this way: each time you tag, you're opening a new door. Behind that door is not just the person or brand you tagged, but an entire audience that aligns with your energy and interests. It's like hopping onto their radar, and suddenly, you're not just speaking to your crowd but also to theirs. And the best part? You're doing all this from the comfort of your own space—no need to dress up or step out; just you in your favorite spot, sipping your coffee, and making waves in the online world.


It's like a networking event, but without the awkward small talk. Instead, you're pointing out the cool stuff and people that matter to you and your brand. It's a way to say, “I love this, and I think you will too!” And who knows, the person you tagged might just return the favor, giving your brand a sweet little nudge in their social circle. That’s the magic of tagging—it's effortless, effective, and opens up a world of new connections with just a click. ✨


A Tag A Day Keeps Obscurity Away

  • Be the Sherlock of Social Media: Look at your posts and think, “Who else fits into this picture?” It could be the cafe where you’re sipping your latte while working, a local brand whose product you adore, or the maker of the awesome planner you are using to plan your week. Remember, tagging them is like giving them a shoutout, and often, they’ll return the favor.
  • Your Tagging Treasure Chest: Keep a list of tag-worthy accounts. Think of local businesses, clients, or even products you use daily. That list is your Rolodex of online friends you want to share with the world and mingle with on social media.
  • Invite Others to the Tag Party: It's not just about who you tag; it’s also about getting tags in return. Next time you host an event or collaborate with someone, encourage them to tag you. This is often overlooked, but it’s an easy ask. I make signs for my business that say, “Check in at Brookielynn’s Bungalow” and place them all over in little tasteful vignettes as a subtle reminder and request. To date, I’ve been tagged over 500 times on Facebook.
  • Beyond the Tag – The Bigger Picture: Remember, tagging is just the start. It’s the spark that gets the fire going. The goal is to then engage with these new friends, turn them into leads, and eventually have happy customers dancing to your business tune.



Next Chapter Social’s Pro Tip 

We love to mix and match our content across different platforms. It’s like taking a fabulous outfit and switching up the accessories to make it work for another occasion. This way, your message gets to dance across different stages, reaching more people without extra work.


Wrapping Up:

So, as you go about your business journey, sprinkle a little tag magic on your posts. Think of each tag as a seed that could grow into a beautiful friendship or a flourishing business partnership.

And hey, don't be shy to reach out and tag us at Next Chapter Social (@nextchaptersocial) in your adventures! We're all about cheering each other on in this vibrant online community. Keep shining, keep sharing, and let's make the digital world a friendlier place, one tag at a time. Until next time, happy tagging!

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