$399.00 USD

Study Hall & Social Audit

A One-Hour One-on-One Zoom Session 

Sometimes you just need some 1-on-1 help to get unstuck!

We get it, so we’ve created a way to answer that need for you. We like to think of it as study hall in school or even a tutorial session with the teacher.

Thinking back to grade school, you could go into tutorials to get extra help on just about anything you were struggling with in school. Science teachers helped you with science. Math teachers with math, etc. We are your social media marketing teachers, and we help you with all things social media marketing.  A consultation means that you need expert advice and guidance on a specific challenge.

Types of challenges we can overcome in a Study Hall session:

  • A social platform audit: What your socials are missing, up-leveling your profile and bio and insights

  • Strategy session for an upcoming campaign: Help you come up with a series of post ideas for promoting a new service or product.

  • Brainstorm session for moving forward with a new product or service.

  • How to make a reel: All the nuts and bolts

  • Best practices for posting in stories, facebook and on Instagram: What should be posted in what place and why.

  • Q&A about email marketing

  • Creating a Lead Generator: What lead generator would be most captivating for your particular audience?

  • Canva training: All the things graphic design.

  • AI tutorials

  • Logistics of creating a FB or IG page, how to merge accounts, delete old accounts, schedule posts etc.

  • Up-leveling your IG profile

  • What platform is right for your business and set up process

  • And any other social media questions or concerns you could think of…

We are here to help you know what comes next and how to do it.

What to expect after purchase:

  1. Look out for an email after purchase. Click the link to complete our quick online questionnaire.

  2. Once form is completed, you will receive a confirmation message with the link to book your 1 hour session via Calendly.