The Most Human Company Wins – Recorded Live


Social media has a bad wrap for being smarmy… Let us show you why and how to avoid that fate!
Leave with a gaggle of tangible and actionable tools to post authentically & effectively online!
Showing the YOU behind your brand is the BEST thing you can do for the growth of your business in the new year, and Angelyn and I are going to show you EXACTLY what we mean and why you will never post the same way again.
Learn 5 brilliant ways to turn your content into soft handshakes online that will convert followers into highly supportive friends!!!
  •  EIEIO The wash, rinse, repeat template for conversational posts
  • 7/4/11 formula for turning followers into friend
  •  JK5 Authenticity Road Map
  • 4 Buying Bucket Guide to the BEST way for finding customers
  • Number Line Method for marketing the what and the why!

$49.00 USD

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